Space Engineers: Community Projekt – Ende des Pre-Starts

For about one week we offered the opportunity to have fun, learn or potentially start one or two raids on our Community Server „ForYouWithYou“. We’d like to summarize all of this for you in text, picture and video.

The first, albeit unofficial Tag, promised a lot and one could absolutely expect a certain fullness from a 16 slot server. And indeed we were joined by both experienced and newly born space pilots. Thereby, for several hours the server rather became a classroom than a spectacle packed with action.

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I, as the head of the Community Project, could collect some very appreciated experience points as well, and want, while we’re on the subject, to thank you right away for all the mutual understanding and respect on the server.

The server was hosted privately (see the leading article), thus we did have one or two lags, nevertheless the pre-start phase provided a wonderful opportunity to get to know young, old, pro as well as newbies.

Englische Übersetzung

The action taken by gamer „Felix“ to move camouflaged as a pirate, certainly was one of the most successful ones. While he repeatedly failed at getting to the rebel’s base, he certainly was able to score some profit. Presumably that’s also what the „United Starfleet Federation“ fraction had to suffer from.  He coordinated his movements in space with the help of constellations, which alone is a brilliant idea. Another fantasy-inspiring construction: The pirate’s base was constructed from captured ships, while still completely accessible on the inside.

The things you do for making the base you’ve come to love untraceable for others… Unfortunately that way other fractions had to suffer as well. The Italian delegates sadly at one point made the mistake to attack another fraction in the absence of its members. This, however, couldn’t be left behind unpunished.

But what’s next?

We want to continue our stay in space with you and for you. Since Space Engineers offers a respectable wealth of possibilities to strive for life, love and destruction somewhere in space, from March onwards we will offer an external server and a map that’s (hopefully) adventurous from the start.

That’s what well be working on in the coming one and a half months. Unknown factors still need to be found out, important elements to be defined. In order that from March onwards the fun factor doesn’t fall apart, we attach great importance to this.

In time for the headstart we will provide you with further information and we now say goodbye and conclude this with an hour-long video at the end of the pre-start, in which with a lot of fun and humor a few realized contents are shown and a lot is destroyed. How lucky that the map was saved… before the ultimate destruction took place, of course. Enjoy!


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Mit Game2Gether habe ich vor einigen Jahren meine ersten Erfahrungen im Bereich "Spiele Redakteur" gesammelt. Mit diesem Team konnte ich weiterhin darauf aufbauen und aus einem Hobby eine kleine Berufung entstehen lassen. An dieser Stelle: Danke dafür! Heute spiele und arbeite ich, mit eigenem Projekt im Hintergrund, Hand in Hand mit diesen Geegs zusammen und freue mich besonders über die internationale Community, die sich dank manchen Projekten und mehrsprachigen Artikeln eingefunden hat.